Introducing… The dogs, part 1



Holly is All Animals Welcomes business partner, she’s a 2 year old Rottweiler. She accompanies us on all our walks. She helps socialise puppies and nervous dogs as well as helps teach the dogs good recall. She has completed her bronze stage kennel club good citizen award.



Douglas aka Dougs is your typical crazy springer spaniel. We’ve been walking him for over 2 years now. He loves to carry a ball round with him where ever we go although he does love to destroy them if given the chance and has an incredible ability to sniff out tennis balls! Where ever the is water there is Douglas, he loves to swim and loves to race Holly out into the reservoir to get the kong first.



Misty aka misty-moo or mystical is another one of our resident walkees. Full of character,  she loves telling the other dogs off if they play too hard and has been known to have a play with the other dogs when she thinks I’m not looking! Will do anything for a gravy bone!



Skye aka Sky dish or Skye pie is our cheeky little Westie puppy. Loves nothing better than getting muddy out on walks, coming on leaps and bounds with her recall. Full of attitude, she loves enticing the other dogs into playing her games!


‘All Animals Welcome’‘unprecedented animal care while you are away’ 

We offer Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Small animal care, Equine Services and a Pet Taxi service, covering most of the High Peak in Derbyshire, including Chapel en le frith, Buxton, Dove Holes, Peak Dale, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, New Mills, and other areas of the High Peak.

Introducing…. The horses!

Welcome to my next blog, before I start with our long list of dogs, I’m beginning with the horses we have in our care.

Over 20 years of experience with horses, I have completed BHS exams and looked after and owned a wide variety of horses and ponies. Including the pony I have now who I have backed myself. I have competed at local shows doing working hunter and in hand classes.

Visits are tailored around you and your horses needs. Services include:-

  • Feeding
  • Mucking out
  • Watering
  • Grooming
  • Turn out/Bring in
  • Rug changing
  • Medicating

We cover a wide area of the High Peak for most of our services. Equine services are offered in Chapel en le Frith, Whaley Bridge, Buxton, Chinley, New Mills, Hayfield and many more, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your equines needs.

Here they are, a list of our current horsey clients…..

Tosca, Pinto & Callie.

Tosca Tosca2

I have been looking after Tosca & Pinto since I first set up business about 2 years ago. Unfortunately beautiful Tosca passed over the rainbow bridge recently, she was 35 years old and was a pleasure to look after.

Pinto Pinto2

Gorgeous boy Pinto is around 20 years old, he is unfortunately prone to laminitis so is on a strict care regime! Full of personality he’s a pony babe and he knows it!

Callie Callie1

The beautiful Callie is Pinto’s new companion, she is around 5 years old. She was rescued from the Blue Cross and is unbroken. I have the privilege of assisting in her new life, which includes turning her into a wonderful riding horse, assisting with her training.

Trevor & Whisper

Trevor Trevor2

Gorgeous boy Trevor is a 16hh thoroughbred X and is an amazing 20 years young! He is another prone to laminitis and mud rash so is on a strict care routine. He’s very sweet natured and loves a fuss!

Whisper Whisper2

Pretty little Whisper is a very shy girl, we think Welsh X and are unsure of her age. Unfortunately she is not overly keen on people so won’t let you near her unless of course you have a few carrots to hand!!

Codey, Florrie, Harry, Jack & Magnum.

Corey Florrie Harry Jack Magnum

I have only met these guys a couple of times, but they are awesome ponies! I have a sneaky soft spot for Harry as he’s just so cheeky and loveable!

The beautiful Jack is 15 years young and has qualified for HOYS!!

Zack & Callie.

Zack Zack2

Zack is about 10 years old. A loveable boy who loves his food!

Callie2 Callie22

Callie is 3 years old and has been bought from off the moors and is being brought in to work as a riding pony


098 Tilly

Lastly is our own Tilly, she’s 7 years old and is a Welsh section D X Hackney. She’s been with me since she was 18 months old where I bought her from Holmfirth Auctions! She was terrified of people and still is at times. It took months of patience and carrots and hours sitting in the stable with her trying to gain her trust. I have backed her myself and am now proud to say she is ridden with no bit and has no shoes on. Au Natural!

Thats all for now, keep an eye out for our next blog where we will be introducing some more of our fantastic animals!!


‘All Animals Welcome’

‘unprecedented animal care while you are away’ 

  • Dog Walking
  • Cat Sitting
  • Small animal visits
  • Equine Services

We cover most of the High Peak in Derbyshire, including Chapel en le frith, Buxton, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, New Mills, and other areas of the High Peak.

Introducing…. The Animals! (Part 1)

I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce everybody to some of the animals we look after here at All Animals Welcome.

Firstly we have our own to look after….



This is Holly. Holly is a 1 year old Rottweiler. She has been with us since she was 13 weeks old and is the boss of the house! She has earnt her bronze kennel club good citizen award.


This is Tilly. Tilly is a 7 year old Welsh Section D X Hackney. I bought Tilly from an auction when she was 18 months old. I have backed her myself and we spend our weekends hacking round the village of Hayfield with our lovely friends and attend the occasional local shows.

1966692_10152460741420685_6682302966336837280_n 10410506_10152278369575685_9014275712103713471_n

Meet Mort and Buddy the Chinchillas. Mort is about 6 months and Buddy is 4, they are very tame and like to run round the living room tormenting Holly!


These are my Malawis, they are cichlids, I have 12 of them in my 120ltr tropical set up.

In the next post I will be introducing some of our regular charges!



‘All Animals Welcome’

‘unprecedented pet care while you are away’ 

  • Dog Walking
  • Small animal visits
  • Equine Care

We cover Chapel en le frith, Buxton, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, New Mills, and other areas of the High Peak.




Snowy Days!

So it’s snowed…. just like they promised it would. We’ve had a nice deep covering of the stuff in Chapel-en-le-Frith! Enough to mean the van is stuck and I have been unable to get to Buxton to do my dog walking, fortunately for me most of our owners were snowed in too!


I have to admit, I love the snow, Holly does too! We don’t mind walking in it. Some of our doggies aren’t so keen especially when it comes to the snowballing around their feet!

1619254_1033853486628581_802491499898820793_n 1920494_811626242184641_1251400824_n 10933959_1034457043234892_7611113068475268272_n 10897104_1034456606568269_242920070771911134_n10934041_1035476299799633_5835998604209222374_n


Here we have a couple of our favourite snaps of the dogs (and Trevor the horse) in the snow.

Fingers crossed we have no more of the white stuff and it clears over the weekend so normal business can resume!

‘All Animals Welcome’

‘unprecedented pet care while you are away’ 

  • Dog Walking
  • Small animal visits
  • Equine Care

We cover Chapel en le frith, Buxton, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, New Mills, and other areas of the High Peak.


Day in the life of a dog walker!

Today started off like any other, got up, fed Holly, got dressed. However today is the day I get to try out my new and improved van, complete with air intake to ensure cool and comfortable doggies whilst travelling!!!!

So loaded my pal Holly into her crate in the back and left Chapel en le Frith, High Peak for the sunny Buxton hills to do some dog walking!

First stop was puppy visiting Poppy the 15 week old working cocker spaniel in Buxton.


Poppy and I went for a 30 minute walk round the fields of Fairfield where we met two other dogs and a couple of sheep… good socialization for her! Then back home for some play time, a little obedience training and all importantly, some dinner!

After leaving Poppy, we went to pick up Misty, Lottie and Daisy and traveled to the old reservoir in Buxton for another hour grouped dog walk.


Lovely weather, and a lovely scenic walk. A good time was had by all the doggies, especially playing in the water… Even Misty couldn’t resist getting her paws wet today!

So once they were all tired out and dropped off at home, we went on to Sam and Millies house for another hour dog walk round Ferny Dale nature reserve in Buxton.


After a lovely hour walking round the woods with Sam and Millie it was time for the last walk of the day with the gorgeous Jack, again in Buxton.


Next on the agenda was to go and drop some keys off, then on to New Mills to feed the cats Alfie and Charlie. Alfie is the most cuddliest cat I have ever met and sits on my knee while he gets a fuss. Cat sitting and small pet sitting seem to be trending during holiday times.


Last but not least was to Combs to visit my own pony Tilly for some equine therapy, to feed her and give her a good groom as she has hippo tendencies!


So now we’re back in chapel en le frith and it’s time for Holly and I to have tea and chill out to recuperate for another action packed day tomorrow!!


All Animals Welcome birthday!!


So, All Animals Welcome has now been in business for over 12 months. Time has flown so quickly. From our first job of looking after some hens, we are now well established and are looking after so many animals. Dog walking is nearly at full capacity, mornings are spent working on a farm with shetland ponies and sheep. We are getting busier with small pets such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs to the larger of horses.

I had a lot of help and support whilst setting up from my family and friends, I can’t thank them all enough as I wouldn’t be where I am now. I also owe a lot to two local dog walkers have been brilliant with their advice and referrals!


Douglas, Jack & Lottie


Sookie, Douglas & Misty

Misty, Douglas & Holly

Misty, Douglas & Holly

Back to it!



What a beautiful day!!! So after a very quiet two weeks, dog walking is now back on with the return of Misty & Douglas.

Today started off as normal as any, mucking out Herbie and Star the shetlands and then walking round the land checking the fencing and cleaning up after 5 horses! Afterwards I went to muck out Tosca and Pinto and took Bobby and Dolly on a lovely walk through the woods on Taxal moor.

Next was on to pick up my dad who sometimes comes to join me on walks (when the weathers nice!!) to take Douglas and Misty, accompanied by Holly round Solomons Temple.

Next on the agenda was to drop Misty and Douglas off, go to check on my own little pony; Tilly and then to take Bobby and Dolly out again.

After a nice breaking in day after the holidays I can relax and prepare myself for the next few days of mayhem.
LOTS more doggies for walking, a new dog to meet this week, Fudge the Spaniel who we will be walking whilst her owners are on holiday.


All Animals Welcome


So as this is my first blog, I figured I should introduce myself and my company.

My name is Georgie and I own ‘All Animals Welcome’

I set up the business in June 2013. I have always wanted to do something like this since I was a young girl but ended up working in a Dental Surgery doing a job which I just wasn’t suited to. I have been lucky enough in my life to have been allowed all kinds of pets, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs etc. However to my mums despair my love of animals also led me to bringing home waifs and strays and we have ended up with ducks, hedgehogs, wild rabbits and even an owl!

I bought my first dog last year an 8 week old Rotweiler called Ruby. I also ended up adopting a lamb ‘Rogan Josh’! who lived in the house with myself and Ruby for a few months! Unfortunately I lost Ruby in November to chronic renal failure. It was one of the worst days of my life as she was my rock. I now have another Rottie Holly who has wormed her way into my heart. As well as Holly I have my 6 year old Welsh pony Tilly who I have had since she was 18 months old.

After worrying about leaving Ruby at home while I went to work the idea of forming my own business started forming and I finally got the courage to do it.

So after being in business for nearly 12 months now, I have built up a client list of some fantastic dogs, cats and even horses and ponies.

We are situated in the High Peak and cover areas such as Buxton, Chapel en le Frith, Chinley, New Mills, Hayfield, Whaley Bridge etc

We offer dog walking, small pet sitting, farm animal care, cat sitting, equine services and even house sitting; subject to availability.

Fully Insured, CRB checked and hold a current certificate in canine first aid