Day in the life of a dog walker!

Today started off like any other, got up, fed Holly, got dressed. However today is the day I get to try out my new and improved van, complete with air intake to ensure cool and comfortable doggies whilst travelling!!!!

So loaded my pal Holly into her crate in the back and left Chapel en le Frith, High Peak for the sunny Buxton hills to do some dog walking!

First stop was puppy visiting Poppy the 15 week old working cocker spaniel in Buxton.


Poppy and I went for a 30 minute walk round the fields of Fairfield where we met two other dogs and a couple of sheep… good socialization for her! Then back home for some play time, a little obedience training and all importantly, some dinner!

After leaving Poppy, we went to pick up Misty, Lottie and Daisy and traveled to the old reservoir in Buxton for another hour grouped dog walk.


Lovely weather, and a lovely scenic walk. A good time was had by all the doggies, especially playing in the water… Even Misty couldn’t resist getting her paws wet today!

So once they were all tired out and dropped off at home, we went on to Sam and Millies house for another hour dog walk round Ferny Dale nature reserve in Buxton.


After a lovely hour walking round the woods with Sam and Millie it was time for the last walk of the day with the gorgeous Jack, again in Buxton.


Next on the agenda was to go and drop some keys off, then on to New Mills to feed the cats Alfie and Charlie. Alfie is the most cuddliest cat I have ever met and sits on my knee while he gets a fuss. Cat sitting and small pet sitting seem to be trending during holiday times.


Last but not least was to Combs to visit my own pony Tilly for some equine therapy, to feed her and give her a good groom as she has hippo tendencies!


So now we’re back in chapel en le frith and it’s time for Holly and I to have tea and chill out to recuperate for another action packed day tomorrow!!