Back to it!



What a beautiful day!!! So after a very quiet two weeks, dog walking is now back on with the return of Misty & Douglas.

Today started off as normal as any, mucking out Herbie and Star the shetlands and then walking round the land checking the fencing and cleaning up after 5 horses! Afterwards I went to muck out Tosca and Pinto and took Bobby and Dolly on a lovely walk through the woods on Taxal moor.

Next was on to pick up my dad who sometimes comes to join me on walks (when the weathers nice!!) to take Douglas and Misty, accompanied by Holly round Solomons Temple.

Next on the agenda was to drop Misty and Douglas off, go to check on my own little pony; Tilly and then to take Bobby and Dolly out again.

After a nice breaking in day after the holidays I can relax and prepare myself for the next few days of mayhem.
LOTS more doggies for walking, a new dog to meet this week, Fudge the Spaniel who we will be walking whilst her owners are on holiday.